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Compatibility, Mysql 8 - Can't read tables properly in information_schema.

joeysql's profile image joeysql posted 4 months ago in General Permalink

Something has changes with information_schema in MySQL 8 that prevents heidisql from being able to read most of the tables. It's frustrating as I use it quite heavily for my migration and code generation tools.

It's not only heidisql that is effected, some other connectors and libs also break with information_schema in mysql 8 so if anyone figures out what's causing it please share.

The client works alright so I would guess the issue is in the diffs for that.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 4 months ago Permalink

Yes, MySQL 8 does not continue with quite a bit of backward compatibility.

You did not post an exact error message so I can just recommend to update to the latest build - I recall I already worked around some of these issues.

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