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Display BOOLEAN as 0/1, not 'TRUE'/'FALSE'

aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload posted 2 months ago in General Permalink

Hey, Can Heidi display boolean values as 0/1, rather than 'TRUE'/'FALSE'. I export a table with boolean values in from Heidi, but all boolean fields are string 'TRUE'/'FALSE' which I can't then re-import into MS SSMS.

glanglois's profile image glanglois posted 1 month ago Permalink

If you're doing it as a SELECT, you can acheive it by using an IF statement.

Here's a basic example:

SELECT IF (ID_Client >= 1000, '1', '0')  
FROM Clients  

Where the second argument determines what happens if the condition is true and the thrid if it's false. That would get you a list of ones and zeros instead of TRUE and FALSE.

I hope that can help.

aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload posted 4 weeks ago Permalink

But it shouldn't display/export TRUE/FALSE as that is not what data is stored. If anything there should be a user setting to format specific fields, there should be no assumption as to what the user wants to see. This goes for the uniqueidentifier having curly braces too. It's annoying having to clean exports in NotePad++ after having exported it. Heidi also seems to stick double quotes around numbers for no reason when exporting.

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