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Set as NULL when importing csv with missing values.

Jason210's profile image Jason210 posted 1 month ago in General Permalink


I am trying to import a CSV file that has a few missing fields. These are represented by ,,

I have checked the CSV file and it looks OK.

When I import, it works fine except that any missing values that are in numerical columns are set to the number 0, which is bad. I need them set to NULL. I have set up the table to use NULL as default. One of the columns in question is created with this command:


Can anyone advise me on how to solve this please?


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 month ago Permalink

You could make an UPDATE after the import:

UPDATE gaming_score SET colX=NULL WHERE colX=''
Jason210's profile image Jason210 posted 1 month ago Permalink

Thank you. I eventually found some information about it on Stack Exchange and ended up pre-processing the CSV with Find & Replace, putting an \N in the missing fields. I like the update suggestion better.

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