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HeidiSQL & Linux

ArVie's profile image ArVie posted 1 month ago in General Permalink

Probably is this a question, asked many times before but...

Is there a possibility that HeidiSQL will be available for Linux (Mint/Ubuntu)? I am a great fan of HeidiSQL, and one of the best SQL editors. I know it runs in Wine, but it has some issues.



ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 month ago Permalink

Indeed, that was asked several times in the past. I am probably not going to do that. Although I experimented with Lazarus/FreePascal which has cross platform support. The results were disappointing.

ArVie's profile image ArVie posted 1 month ago Permalink

No problem. Thanks anyway. It was worth to ask.

The main problem with HeidiSQL in Wine is that a "backspace" results in Tab switching, not in deleting characters. But for the rest, it works fine.

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