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Windows 10 Store version - where are the sessions stored?

clmcavaney's profile image clmcavaney posted 2 months ago in General Permalink

G'day all,

I see from other questions that the sessions for HeidiSQL should be in the Windows registry. But when I look at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software there is no HeidiSQL entry.

I am wondering if the Windows 10 Store version (Environment: Windows v10.0, Store Package 2691AnsgarBeckerSoftwareD.19284136982C_10.3.0.0_x86__peg9cky9b9hfj) stores this in a different location.

The reason I am looking for them is to reordering the sessions as I can't seem to do this within the application. Is this something I should be able to do with this version? Or is there potentially some issue with the Windows 10 Store version?

Thanks for any assistance.

Regards, Christopher

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 months ago Permalink

The store version uses exactly the same registry key. I have both the store version and the desktop app here, and both show the same sessions. I don't know of some related issue with the store version.

Probably you started regedit with a different user?

In case you want to organize your sessions into folders, you can do that in the session manager as well, via drag'n drop.

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