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Automatic session backups

jimtut's profile image jimtut posted 2 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink

My PC recently died, and the IT department reimaged it. Since my Documents folder was stored in OneDrive, I thought I'd get back most of what I needed. However, it turns out that even the portable version of HeidiSQL stores the sessions in the Registry (and not in sessions.txt, which is stored next to the portable EXE).

Could there be a change such that the sessions are stored in the (portable) sessions file all the time? Or, an option to automatically export them at startup/shutdown of the app?

Losing all the saved sessions is a HUGE pain, and not everyone (like me) will think to manually export them periodically.

Thanks, Jim

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 months ago Permalink

"sessions.txt" is not the right filename which HeidiSQL makes use of in the portable version. Since v10.0, HeidiSQL's portable version comes with a portable.lock file, and stores its settings and sessions in a portable_settings.txt. Older versions up to v9.5 did not have that portable.lock, but only the portable_settings.txt. But at no time there was a sessions.txt.

Now, if you have a portable_settings.txt, or that portable.lock file, settings should of course be saved there.

I can just guess you ran HeidiSQL not as portable but as a normal app, which tells it to store everyting inside your registry. If so, you can still get them back. You just need the old registry data, which is stored in your old user directory. See this thread for a guide how to do that.

jimtut's profile image jimtut posted 2 months ago Permalink

Interesting. I must have run a non-portable version once. I see the portable_settings.txt file now, thank!

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