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Issues since

cschlise's profile image cschlise posted 2 weeks ago in General Permalink

I know this is a general comment, but since build, my experience with HeidiSQL has been more errors and bugs. I've submitted a few via the built in reporting tool, but 10.3 and now 11.x have had issues where it would just freeze up, or it looked like new columns were submitted in the GUI, but I could not submit data via forms in my webpages (resulting in many hours wasted trying to troubleshoot my code, when there was nothing wrong with the code).

I love HeidiSQL over all and will continue to use it (and donate), and contribute to the bug fix effort. However, I've reverted back to the last "good" version (which thankfully I kept a copy of), so I can get on with my work as well.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 weeks ago Permalink

I'm glad to fix any crash I can, but I know there are quite a few, yes. If you point me into a more precise crash reproduction, I can probably prioritize a fix.

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