How can I see the results of a still running query when HeidiSQL has been shut down (by a MS update)

abruck's profile image abruck posted 4 years ago in General Permalink

I have a select statement that has been running a long time, so I don't want to kill it.

But Heidi was shut down by a Microsoft update last night, so Heidi is not showing the still running statement.

When the statement finishes, how will I be able to see the output?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 4 years ago Permalink

If that was on a MariaDB or MySQL server, I'm pretty sure the query was already cancelled, at the time where the server saw the client is not connected any longer. In any case, even if the query would still run, there is no way to grab its output. You will have to run the query again.

abruck's profile image abruck posted 4 years ago Permalink

Yes you would have thought so, but it's still running.

Even after I killed it:


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