Importing into a new table from TSV crashes HeidiSQL

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I am doing an import from TSV (Tools -> Import CSV file), then in the file open dialog, selecting All files (.) with either ANSI or UTF-8 encoding (both generate the same error). When I select the Destination and a New Table, HeidiSQL scans all the rows from the file, but then abends at the end while analyzing the data.

Any ideas what I can to get around this problem? I tried several different encodings, including Unicode (does not detect any columns) and Auto Detect (same error as UTF-8).

I have successfully imported a different TSV already (title.ratings.tsv, 1.2 million rows, but only 3 columns). I used ANSI encoding just fine. I would speculate that the source character set is causing an issue. I downloaded the public dataset from IMDB, and the one the causing the issue is title.principals.

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Update: title.principals has 46 million lines. Is this a buffer overflow issue?

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No, looking at my code, it could be the case the header line has less columns than one of the data lines has. Or the column delimiter is not detected correctly.

I would recommend to create the table by hand before you import the file, and not to use the auto-detection.

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Actually, I think I found the problem. The tsv provided by IMDB is poorly formatted; the last column/field in title.principals contains a JSON list of characters. If I remove the option to enclose fields with quotes, the import is fine (albeit slow).

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