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Hi good morning, please i have a question, and if is need for support i can pay.

  • I have an AWS Aurora MySQL v8.x Instance.
  • Inside I have some schemas database.
  • One of this schema is about 500gb and about 150.000 tables
  • I have download the HeidiSQL for connect with him
  • ...and for drop all tables and remove schema
  • Access is as root user


  • When I Connect ok,
  • ...but when i click on database, heidiSQL dont run and do not respond.
  • In attached an image

Please can you help me? Many thanks in advance Best regards, Samuele Annulli

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Hi when is it the last time you closed and restarted HEIDI and your system? Missing memory maybe Fern

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With so many tables you should defintely disable the full table status option in your session:


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