Great program but productivity noy so great....

mlun posted 10 years ago in General
I would love to skip my current MySQL Front and shift to HeidiSQL, but Heidi is really a PITA to start upunhappyI normally use the data grid view for 4 databases to change information and to search different information). Heidi is great here, but it takes so many steps to get where I need. Maybe I have misunderstood the program, but for each database I need to do thid (extra compared to MySQL Front):

1) Doubleclick the table I need to operate on
2) Click on the Data tab
3) Remove any filter from last session

Repeat this for the remaining 3 databases.

I have tried to enable Preferences > Automatically reconnect to last session-account on startup, but that certainly didn't do any good.

ansgar posted 10 years ago
Ok, so what was the way how you did that in MySQL-Front?

And which MySQL-Front do you mean, the old 2.5 (the antecessor of HeidiSQL) or the 3.0 version?

However, the next release will have a new option in preference "Remember WHERE filters" which can be disabled to suppress saving filters across sessions.
mlun posted 10 years ago
In MySQL Front I just opended a connection, and voila just where I needed to be (remembered the table I used last time and opens it per default)

3.0 revision 572. Have not tried the nightly builds. But why not let it remember last table and open in data view, or better, let this be controllable from preferences?

What I especially like about Heidi is the search facility across fields - Brilliant idea! - and also that it does not crash/lock every now and then :D

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