Does ssh.exe currently work?

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Does an SSH tunnel with ssh.exe currently work? For me, it executes a command with a "-pw" option for the password, but ssh.exe doesn't have such an option, so it fails.

As far as I know, my ssh.exe came with Windows 10.

Also, if ssh.exe asks for user input, does this make the tunnel fail silently? Because I surmise that when I leave the password field blank, HeidiSQL is invoking ssh.exe in a way that causes it to prompt for information (password and unknown host confirmation) and HeidiSQL is just proceeding as if the tunnel got set up and then I get an error because the HeidiSQL cannot cannot connect to the local end of the tunnel.

I can get the tunnel going with ssh.exe in a Windows command window, by the way; my issues are just with getting HeidiSQL to do it for me.

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Yes, ssh.exe does not support passing a password, so you have to either use a blank password, or use a private key file instead. I would recommend to use a private key. If you need to use a password with a tunnel created by Heidi, you will have to keep using plink.

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Thanks; and the second question? Would the tunnel fail silently if the tunnel program (e.g. ssh.exe) prompted for user input?

I'm just trying to make sense of the symptoms.

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plink has various prompts which HeidiSQL manages to show as a dialog. For example the prompt to store a new key in the local cache.

My code for the tunnel should display any stdout text from the ssh process as a message dialog. If the message matches some known expressions from plink, the dialog is an input prompt, e.g.

  • login as\s*\: will ask you for the username
  • (password|Passphrase for key "[^"]+")\s*\: asks for the password, as in the screen below


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OK, thanks. That's helpful.

I guess that's something else that works better for plink than for ssh.

I don't know much about Windows, but it apparently has the same Standard Output/Standard Error thing as Unix and the prompts from ssh.exe go to Standard Error and disappear and SSH's request for input kills the process. Just based on some experiments. I do see the informational messages from ssh.exe that HeidiSQL displays.

With enough experimentation and your help, I did get ssh.exe to work with public key authentication, but it would appear that ssh.exe function is in general at the experimental stage.

As a first time user of HeidiSQL, I chose ssh.exe because it seemed more standard, packaged with the OS and everything. I had never heard of plink, though I see now it's part of Putty, which I have installed, and HeidiSQL probably would have worked out of the box if I had just made the right choice at "SSH executable".

(The default SSH executable, by the way, is much worse than either ssh.exe or plink.exe: a null string. This is after choosing "PostgreSQL (SSH tunnel)").

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