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acolombo posted 10 years ago in General
ansgar posted 10 years ago
Yes, agree. And let me say, the reason for this lack is that the small HeidiSQL team concentrates on bugfixing and implementing new features. So, you're welcome to join us and write such a documentation. Just an idea ...
sigitdido posted 7 years ago
i want to learn database system by myself and i'll begin using heidisql. anyone can help me, where i can start to learn heidisql from?

thanks before..
ansgar posted 7 years ago
HeidiSQL is designed for beginners, and also supports advanced stuff for experienced users. The most common way to learn about it is just to use it. Writing a manual is so boring, and reading it may even be the same. So, I would recommend to start over and dive into HeidiSQL, and whenever you have questions you are welcome to ask here in the forum.
sysout posted 5 years ago
LOL!! Only an ignorant geek would think "writing a manual" is boring! There is no way to learn all the capabilities and subtleties of any application without reference and instructional documentation. That said, I will take up the challenge and try to write a manual and tutorial when I manage to stumble through the app and learn it myself. Don't expect miracles soon, but some day.... happy
sysout posted 5 years ago
BTW, I absolutely HATE forums!!! No way to find what you need in a reasonable fashion. Give me a manual with a detailed TOC and well-crafted index any day!
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Hm, this forum is highly present in search engines, so you should be able to find most relevant stuff here. Well, feel free to write a manual. I'm not ignorant, but I have already not enough time to fix stuff and implement wanted features. So I prefer coding and writing support replies here and there.

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