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Hello everyone,

I am new in MySQL and this might be a silly question but here it goes:

I want to create multiple tables for storing data for construction materials. For example, the first table, named 'materials' will contain the id (auto-incement and Primary key), the name of the material, the company that produces the material, the country etc. The second table, named 'physical_properties' will also contain the same materials, with one column for the id and one for the name, but the other columns will be the physical properties, such as density, u-value etc.

I managed to create two foreign keys in 'physical_properties' for the name and id and I can choose from a dropdown the values from 'materials' for these two columns. However, I want these two columns to be linked to each other, so that when I choose another material for the names column, the id should also change to match the id that corresponds to this material in the table 'materials'. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance, Polina

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You should remove the second column and its foreign key, because it's redundant. The "name" column should only be in one table, not in both. To link a row from one table to another, you only need one foreign key, not two.

I guess you intended the "name" column as well to have it visible where you don't know the id's behind it. But that's bad database design. Or in other words: that should be part of an external application for editing these values, not of the database itself. The database itself doesn't need it, and you would just overload it.

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I see what you mean. Then I suppose I will use the name as the primary key for "materials" and foreign key for "physical_properties", because it is more valuable to me than the id. Thanks for the reply :)

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