add chatgpt bar, to describe need and chatgpt do sentencia sql

scsjcm's profile image scsjcm posted 4 weeks ago in General Permalink

hi all, I thing is good idea add a chatgpt bar, to describe need and chatgpt do sentencia sql.

is easy tell to chatgpt example:

I need delete al client_nif repeat from table clients

that make a good sentence, and I thing is good idea to have a bar connected to chatgpt to use directly.

thanks a lot

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 4 weeks ago Permalink

If you have v12.7, you already have Tools > "Sequal Suggest" in the main menu. Sequal aimed to generate SQL by giving simple prompts. Unfortunately, the people from Sequal have taken their page and their APIs down, so the dialog does not work as it should.

What you ask for is a ChatGPT integration in HeidiSQL? I guess they have a web API to which HeidiSQL could connect and request such an SQL generation. But wouldn't there be the need to register the user for ChatGPT somehow?

If you're really interested in such a feature, please post some more technical details what you would expect and what would need to be done in HeidiSQL.

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