Okta apps validation

hemanth4's profile image hemanth4 posted 3 weeks ago in General Permalink

I have 3 okta apps setup.

Okta app for backend Okta spa app Okta web app The Okta spa app is able to use the access token it got and pass to Okta app for backend and the token is validated. However, the Okta web app access token when passed to Okta app for backend, could not be validated, thus token is not valid.

Anyone know the proper setup for the Okta web app so where its access token can be validated against the Okta app for backend?

TTSneko's profile image TTSneko posted 3 weeks ago Permalink

And what has this got to do with HeidiSQL? Nothing, exactly. Take your questions to the Okta site. Why would anyone use that crap anyway? Permananetly leeching battery even if you only need it for verifying is outdated stone-age tech (and points towards potentially dangerous activities).

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