Previous releases - greyed out

packzap's profile image packzap posted 5 days ago in General Permalink

Hi, I am looking at the Heidi previous releases page for downloads and notice that versions back from version 12.0 are greyed out with no link to the release available. I am specifically looking for Heidi release v8.3 from 25 Jan 2014. Can you tell me how to obtain this previous release of HeidiSQL? Thanks!

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 days ago Permalink

Releases older than 2 years are just listed for documentation reasons.

Be aware these very old releases may have critical bugs, probably serious ones.

You will need to inspect the link to the current 12.8 release, then build the link to the 8.3 release yourself. I won't create links to these, for above mentioned reasons.

packzap's profile image packzap posted 4 days ago Permalink

OK thanks. I realize it's an older version with potential bugz, but need to match an older Operating System and hardware for right now. Then, will focus on an upgrade strategy for the future. Thanks so much for your smart software!

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