Selecting and copying cells in the output grid

jshuler posted 10 years ago in General

I might be going crazy, because I thought I just did this yesterday, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to select a range of cells in the output grid for copying.

Right now, it seems that I can only have the cursor in one cell at a time, looking at one record at a time. I want to be able to select a rectangular area of cells, or all fields in a given row, or all values in a given column.

Usually this is done by clicking and dragging over the range of cells, clicking on the box to the left of the row, or the column header box respectively. (And like I said, I thought I was able to do this yesterday...)

Right now, when I click on the cell to the left of a row, it selects the text in the first column - not the entire row. If I click the column header, it thinks I want to rearrange the columns, not select them all.

Am I crazy, or is there a way to do this?
If I am crazy, would it be possible to implement this feature? (Just about every other data grid I have worked with allows you to select and copy ranges of cells...)

Thanks for your help!
rosenfield posted 10 years ago
There's a checkbox on the far left next to each row that allows you to do multi-select.

(Yes, it's a horrible grid. It looks ugly, and it does not support Unicode.)

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