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westmatrix posted 10 years ago in General
I know that this is a beta release "heidisql.r1098.exe",
But please don't forget to insert the Change Type option when the initial release comes out.

By the way very cool stuff.

ansgar posted 10 years ago
You mean "change table type" ? That's implemented, perhaps in a slightly different way you have expected: Rightclick a table and click "Alter table...". There you have a bunch of options for that table, including the engine:
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  • changetype
westmatrix posted 9 years ago
Thanks, I used the other version you gave me instead.
I am not one that likes to play.
If it works don't fix it.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Fix what?
westmatrix posted 9 years ago
That's just a saying I use.
It's like "don't break what works"

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