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500,000 downloads milestone

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 10 years ago in News Permalink
Didn't take too much notice of our download numbers recently, so I saw a nice number today: ~130,000 downloads of the 4.0 release.

Together with
* 230,000 downloads of HeidiSQL 3.2
* 90,000 downloads of source packages, portable and various older releases
* 50,000 downloads from pre-Google-Code times for which I don't have statistics

... we have 500,000 downloads total!

More statistics:
* Average size of one downloaded file is ~2MB
* HeidiSQL development started ~3 years ago in late 2006 (ignoring old MF2.5 times)
* Makes ~900 MB / ~450 files of downloads each day

A big thank to all and each user out there!

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