nightly 2720: bug report

jfalch posted 8 years ago in General
a) when starting using a saved session (via -d) where the server is not currently reachable, a madexcept error dialog is created ("(2003) cant connect to MySQL server on ..."). This is probably not what was intended.

b) when clicking "send bug report" on the error dialog, my mail client (Pegasus Mail) opens with text, subject and attachment, but without an To: address. (Manually sending to (guess) bugs@heidsql.com did not work either.)

c) suggestion: madexcept is a step in the right direction, and works quite well. However, i would suggest you try the eurekalog exception catcher, which i find more comfortable and feature-rich (eg has builtin smtp and http clients, can directly post to bugtracking systems, etc).

ansgar posted 8 years ago
Thanks for suggestions!

a) Is issue #1440 but not a real bug, it's just a big dialog. It could create a normal message dialog instead of an exception

b) I have a mailing list which could be targeted. Unfortunately each mail requires a moderation action, so that's no way. I should set up some link to the bug tracker instead.

c) madExcept has enough features I think. Most important thing is we have a call stack available. It also has built in smtp and http logic, only I didn't activate it.

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