the way Default Values work in the new create-table tab...

siMKin posted 8 years ago in General
i'm posting this here instead of using the issue-tracker because i don't have a clear solution myself. And maybe i'm the only one that considers this somewhat of an issue.

Right now, when creating or editing a table, in my opinion the way the Default column works is not completely intuitive and can cause problems too.
For example, it's possible to create a combination that would generate NOT NULL DEFAULT 'NULL'.
Also, it is now not possible to create a table that has a column: ts TIMESTAMP NOT NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP because you're always required to fill in a default if you want to check the ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP option. The only way to create this table now is to fill in the manual default 0000-00-00 00:00:00, but like i said: it's not very intuitive.
It think this problem comes mainly from the fact that the Default column lists options that are not default-options at all (like AUTO_INCREMENT and ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)

I think it would be nice if the null-not null would have it's own column (like it has now) and that the default-column would only list/allow defaults according to the field-type (int/varchar/etc) and the Allow Null column. and apart from that a column with additional options for attributes such as AUTO_INCREMENT and ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Another user had a similar problem, described in issue #1519

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