to compile a ubuntu package for heidi

giuliano posted 8 years ago in General
I don't know how much effort would be needed, but it would be very nice if there were a version of heidi running on linux systems.

I know there is jheidi and wine, but jheidi doesn't have the new features of the nightly builds and wine not always works perfectly.

I guess that heidi would widen this popularity if it were available on linux.

Anyway we must be very grateful for this product even though it's available "only" on windows ;-)

Thanks and regards.

ansgar posted 8 years ago
I'd be glad if I could compile a Linux binary somehow, but I wouldn't want to spend more than a reasonable amount of time into that stuff. Currently I have no idea how to do that. I have Delphi 2007 compatible sources, and quite a few places with Windows-only code like messages and such stuff. Lazarus could be an option, I should check that.
devsmt posted 8 years ago
that whold be absolutly amazing. lazarus can build a osx version, too, and that at least should sound interesting...
sxxavier posted 7 years ago
I've downloaded the latest Hiedi source. If I'll have some free time, i'll check, what can i do with this source, and Lazarus. I've programmed meny years in Pascal and Delphi, but I never tried Lazarus and (Ubuntu) linux.

Wish luck for me!

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