Error while export

sergtop posted 8 years ago in General
I`m trying to export appr. 300mb database. one of the tables is 280000 rows. While dumping this table program makes several iterations - 88413 rows per iteration. the first iteration makes correct dump (tested on export to other db), but the second one generates not correct sql, and so export of this table fails.

generated on first iteration
INSERT INTO `view` (`id`, `add_info`) VALUES (87987, '');

generated on second iteration
INSERT INTO `view` (`id`, `add_info`) VALUES (`id`, `add_info`) VALUES (88420, '');
sergtop posted 8 years ago
seems that this error is in tabletools.pas near 1090 - 1103.
could you please fix it, as it is impossible to dump\copy tables larger then 100mb
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Done. Thanks for the report.

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