saving query into file. Useless confirm to overwrite and update the editor

giuliano posted 8 years ago in Feature discussion
I saved a query into a file.
Then I modified it and I saved a new version.
HS asked me If I wanted overwrite the file,
then it warned me that the file was changed and asked me if I wanted to update the query in the query editor.

I think that, if I have already saved the query, and I save my modifications as I go on,
HS shouldn't ask me every time if I want to overwrite the file and update the query editor: it's obvious.

Other programs ask only the first time you save the file.

Thanks and regards
ansgar posted 8 years ago
I think that was already solved in some recent revision. Did you update to the latest build?
giuliano posted 8 years ago
You are right.
I searched among the issue.
Issue 1419 (Save SQL file without "Save as" dialog when loaded)
seems related.

To save my query, I pressed the "Diskette" button, that corresponds to a "save as" command, I guess.
The simple "Save" is CTRL+S.
I think it's a bit misleading: the "diskette button" is "Save" command, not "Save as" in other programs.
I think that "Save" command is a bit "hidden", this way.

I know that CTRL+S is a universal way to invoke this command, but I was not reminded.

I think that a "save" button could be added, or at least an item in the "file" menu.

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