maurg1975 posted 10 years ago in General
Hi there

I think that HeidiSQL is the best MYSQL front end ever.

But I still cannot handle transactions through the query window.

I tried to set autocommit=0, but it does not work.
I cannot rollback !!!!

Can someone help me?

Thank you in advance,
siMKin posted 10 years ago
Any query executed in the query window will be send to mysql, so if your rollback doesn't work, you're doing something wrong. (it's not a heidi-problem)
You certainly need to do more then just switching off auto-commit. also check that your mysql version supports transactions and that you've selected the proper engine. The manual is your friend...
kthanid posted 6 years ago
I realize this is a very old thread and my answer may not directly relate to the OP's issue (I suspect his issue was related to the engine his tables were using), but this comes up on search results when looking for information on how to disable autocommit by default with HeidiSQL, so I thought others bumping into it like I did might like that answer as well (forums here seem sparse on information relating to this):

In case anyone else finding this thread was looking for information on how to do so, the following method should work for disabling autocommit on MySQL via HeidiSQL:

1) Create a simple .sql file with the "set autocommit=0;" statement in it and save it somewhere.

2) For any session you wish to have start with autocommit disabled, simply set the "Startup script" in HeidiSQL's session manager to the file you created in step 1 above.

3) If you already have a different startup script, just add the "set autocommit=0;" statement in that file.
jonycp posted 5 years ago
I must echo siMKin. If the db engine is MyISAM, for example, it does not support transactions needed for rollback. You can set autocommit=0 but your changes will commit.

In the HeidiSQL interface the table's options tab tells you the engine used for the table and allows you to convert the engine to InnoDB for example which does support transactions. I am working in version 5.1 at this time.

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