Importing CSV

ollyno1uk posted 10 years ago in Import/Export

I cannot import a CSV file - the error I get is "the used command is not allowed with this mysql version"

Is this something I can resolve? i see it has been brought up previously but not for a while so the info may not be valid.

isegrim posted 9 years ago

bei mir der gleiche Fehler:

SQL-Error: The used command is not allowed with this MySQL-Version.

Verbindung funktioniert einwandfrei,
MySQL-Version 4.1.13

was kann ich tun.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Normally a flag is set at the time being connected that allows usage of that command. You can try to set this flag manually before importing your CSV file:
SET @@global.local_infile = 'On'
ansgar posted 9 years ago
If that's not working your administrator likely has explicitely deactivated this option on the server for security reasons.

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