Workflow to add data

kalvaro posted 7 years ago in General
When I need to add some rows to a table in the Data tab I can't manage to do it without an insane amount of keyboard/mouse clicks. Basically:

For each row I want to add:
1. Click on "Insert row into table" (or hit "Ins"). First non-AUTO_INCREMENT is highlighted, but not focused.
2. Click on highlighted cell to set focus.
3. For each cell in the row:
3.1 Type data.
4. Hit tab to go to next cell

Am I missing something obvious? I'd expect that:

- "Insert row into table" would set focus on a cell.
- Tab on last column would add a new row.

(I'm using latest snapshot.)
kalvaro posted 7 years ago
Well, I guess it's just as it is ;-)
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Sorry for the delay and the incredibly subtle remindersmilePlease have a look at issue #911 - similar discussion.
kalvaro posted 7 years ago
I hadn't noticed that ticket. My subtlety seems way better than my search abilities. Just left my impressions on it. Thanks.

(Sorry for the late feedback but I didn't have the need to insert data in a MySQL database since 2007.)
swti6690 posted 2 years ago
Its nice & helpful.
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