How to rename a database...?

westmatrix posted 10 years ago in General
I can rename databases in PHPMyAdmin, Navicat and other MySQL apps, but not in HeidiSQL,
I have searched but can't find how to rename a database using Heidi.
Is it a command line that I run in the Query window?

RENAME {DATABASE | SCHEMA} db_name TO new_db_name;

Is this the only way?

ansgar posted 10 years ago
If the server supports it, you have a menu item available when rightclicking in the DB tree: "Alter database". There you can rename and change characterset and collation:

Renaming is supported since MySQL 5.1.7 .
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westmatrix posted 10 years ago
I have version 5.0.45
Will have to upgrade as mine is grayed out for renaming the phyisical database.

Cool thanks.


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