Update for portable ver?

mmarsching posted 10 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
Any thoughts on updating portable version to 3.2? Or any idea how to upgrade a portable version without being forced to install the new version and copy files somewhere?


destbr posted 10 years ago
hi mmarsching,

First, make sure the app isn't open and you have a backup of your current HeidiSQL Portable.

Install the new HeidiSQL Portable on any new directory of your choice, and replace the new "Data" directory with your old "Data" directory.

sylikc posted 9 years ago

At the request of Anse, I've created a portableapps.com version of HeidiSQL. Given the portableapps.com format, no traces will be left behind on your system, nor will it interfere with an existing install.


(currently unavailable, will be back up in summer)
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Thanks a lot!
papoo posted 9 years ago
my 3.2 portable version is available since 20/01/2008 here
http://pon.fr/index.php/heidisql-manager-de-bases-de-donnees-mysql :wink:
mmarsching posted 9 years ago
What about any 4.0 portableapps-version? :oops:
goyvind posted 8 years ago
also looking for v4 portable.. anyone? :?:
ommDB posted 8 years ago
yup, HeidiSQL 4 Portable would be much appreciated :)
ansgar posted 8 years ago
The download page has just been updated with a fresh 4.0 portable version.

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