Portable updates? Confusing that it links to the same as the non portable version?

westmatrix posted 7 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
Portable update a bit confusing when it links to the same non-portable version?

Replacing the heidisql.exe with heidisql.r3294.exe update works out fine.


Updating from my previous version to 3294 didn't complete the download and installation as before, didn't take note of the buggy version unhappy but was one of the later versions... wink

Thank you for allowing the update to be transferable between the two, mush appreciated!happy
westmatrix posted 7 years ago
Can't edit my postunhappy
Should be much appreciated! :D
ansgar posted 7 years ago
The portable .exe is the same as the non-portable one. It's just the portable_settings.txt file which - when present - turns any instance into a portable.
westmatrix posted 7 years ago
Glad there is a portable version.

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