New Silk icons

kalvaro posted 10 years ago in General
Nice icons indeed. They've suddenly brought HeidiSQL back into the 21st century!

Just a remark. Don't they have alpha channel? I can appreciate a little matte around them:

P.S. This icon set is about to become the de facto standard for open source xD
westmatrix posted 9 years ago
I like the new icons, they look cool.
I have no clue what to use to edit them? (apart from photoshop, mspaint and Paint.NET)

But they are cooler than most.

kalvaro posted 9 years ago
I've downloaded the original icons from the author site and they do have alpha channel, so the issue is probably with whatever Delphi stuff it's used to display them.

Both Photoshop and probably Paint.NET can be used to edit icons with transparency (not MS Paint, though), as well as The Gimp and probably Inkscape. Icon edition is mostly about having artistic abilities.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
The new icons are drawn using the PNGComponents which are in fact capable of correctly displaying alpha channels. However, there is one limitation: If you do not have a EXENAME.manifest (e.g. heidisql.exe.manifest) file in the same directory as EXENAME (e.g. heidisql.exe) the icons cannot be drawn correctly. Also the disabled icons are displayed very ugly without a manifest, see here:

Without manifest file:

With manifest file (normal):

That means, if you see the ugly version you probably have renamed your heidisql.exe somehow. Probably downloaded a nightly build without renaming it (e.g. heidisql.r123.exe)?

... The images you add to the list are internally pumped into the "real" imagelist, so that native "API" windows controls, like listviews and treeviews, can take advantage of it. Even though PngImageList tries to make the best out of it, Windows 2000 and earlier simply do not support an alpha channel in an icon and may therefor display it incorrectly. This also applies on Windows XP and later, if you forget to add a manifest to your application. Note that themes support is not required for this to work, just a manifest is enough (themes may even be unavailable). ...

2 attachment(s):
  • iconswithoutmanifest
  • iconswithmanifest
kalvaro posted 9 years ago

Probably downloaded a nightly build without renaming it (e.g. heidisql.r123.exe)?

Exactly that. I've copied the manifest file to suit the snapshot name and icons look way better now. Thank you.
philipz posted 9 years ago
Love the new icons anse and i was having the same problems with the icons, as i have 7 builds of heidisql.exe in my folder. So as you suggested, i copied the heidisql.exe.manifest and renamed to match the build exe and it worked like a charm.

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