News feed not up to date

chorlya posted 9 years ago in General
This is a website bug, not related to HeidiSQL application.
Problem is that news feed (RSS and Atom) linked from main page and header tags is out of date. Latest item in it is "jHeidi developer preview available for download" from February 26, 2008 and there are 4 newer items on the main page that are not available in feed yet.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Which URL ?

I see there is a confusion about URLs listed in the HTML heads of several pages. The feeds have a f=? parameter which links directly to the forum (fx Announcements, News, ...) or, if the parameter f is absent just displays everything: http://www.heidisql.com/forum/rss.php
chorlya posted 9 years ago
Ah, OK. Now I get it. Problem is news items on index page in "News" section are from different forums, and link next to "News" title points to feed for announcements forum (f=1). That was the source of confusion for me. Items from multiple forums are displayed, but feed contains items from a single forum only.
Basically what you see is not what you get in this case, which is probably not what you'd expect.
philipz posted 9 years ago
Well to fix this issue use ?f=7,1 as it will take from both the announcements and news sections, so anse can you update the homepage link as its only ?f=1.

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