LaTeX output in grid export

ansgar posted 9 years ago in News
Users of the latest HeidiSQL build file will find a new option when rightclicking a data grid: "Copy selected rows as LaTeX table". Same applies to the "Export grid data ..." which is capable of storing rows in LaTeX format to a file.

Thanks to brampton for the patch!

Now there are 5 different text formats supported in grid exports: CSV, HTML, XML, SQL and LaTeX. Probably you know some more reasonable file formats to support?
ansgar posted 9 years ago
I just added a Wiki table markup to the grid export options. As I'm using Jira for bugtracking at work, this is useful when I'm pasting table data into a Jira comment which accepts various stuff in Wiki syntax.
galaxy07 posted 8 years ago
Hello Anse!
Could you also add support for MediaWiki tables export? I guess it's not a big deal in comparation with Jira, these are just different column delimiters. Here is how a MediaWiki table looks like:
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Isn't that what I already did with "Wiki table" ?
galaxy07 posted 8 years ago
In fact not, MediaWiki has a different syntax for tables from what you did for Jira. The header, the delimiters and the footer are different. Your output is for example

|| *one* || *two* || *three* ||
|| 42 || 43 || 44 ||

while in MediaWiki syntax that would be

{| class="wikitable"
! *one*!! *two*!! *three*
| 42 || 43 || 44 
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Hm why not add another output option, for "WikiMedia table". I'm just wondering why you're talking about Jira - don't you mean the "Wiki table" output option?
galaxy07 posted 8 years ago
Yes, exactly. I just wrote about Jira because you mentioned it above.

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