Violation address?

Leonide728 posted 10 years ago in General
ok so when i go to click the "New" button i get this dialog box and it says "Access violation at address 6601E25C in module "wblind.dll" Read of address 00000020." i rlly want to get past this so i can load my freaking SQL file... plz help me =] thx
rosenfield posted 10 years ago
In WindowBlinds, add HeidiSQL to the list of excluded applications.

If you want the problem fixed rather than worked around, you should contact StarDock.

The WindowBlinds user-to-user forum is here:

StarDock people hang out in the forum, but they're probably not going to answer support requests there. Instead, the StarDock support team can be reached here:

You should mention to them that HeidiSQL is open source, so they can simply download a copy and experience the problem first hand.

If you use the same email address that you used in buying WindowBlinds when asking for support, you should receive an immediate response from them.

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