i think i clicked sumthing and now its all gone wrong!

squall posted 9 years ago in General
hey, now yes this is about WOW, but regardless, i thought u may know bout some of this in particular. see i had it all good me and my friends playing it but i got greedy and screwed with the items but i think i may have clicked something cause instantly all the accounts just dissapeard and i had to write hem up again but now my server is going ape shit telling me that i was disconnected from server, anyways i looked on my logonserver program as it was booting up and it said that encrypted passwords do not have the right amouts of bytes or sum thing like that, so what im asking is, wtf is an encrypted password and can i make one randomly?
siMKin posted 9 years ago
You are on a forum asking other people to help you. Since you are asking a favour to other people, the least you can do is add some dots and capitals here and there to make your post readable. Also, a little bit of self-effort won't hurt:


First hit:
Web definitions for Encrypted Password
A password that has been camouflaged to prevent hackers from entering a site area registered to an identify other than their own

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