bugs in autocompletion

siMKin posted 9 years ago in General
I've noticed the table-column completion still contains a few bugs. Before posting a bug report on the sourceforge website i thought i'd better start a topic where i - and others - can collect all the bugs first.

Two come to mind at this moment:

FROM (table1 AS one, table2 AS two)
LEFT JOIN table3 AS three ON one.
/* SQL Error: Table 'test.(table1' doesn't exist */

cursor is right after WHERE two.
SELECT one.id, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table2 AS two WHERE two.)
FROM table1 AS one
/* SQL Error: Table 'test.two' doesn't exist */
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Both confirmed. Fixed in rev 1396 for these and a variety of other cases where the table is preceeded by a comma for example:
SELECT * FROM (table1 AS one,table2 AS two) WHERE one.[!!!] OR two.[!!!]

Also both tablenames and/or aliases now may be quoted by backticks:
SELECT * FROM `table1` AS one WHERE table1.[!!!] OR one.[!!!]

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