Ctrl+Enter error

doinkxs posted 7 years ago in General
when you are editing data in 'Data' cell if you press Enter you finish editing or if you press Tab you move to edit next cell; then you press Ctrl+Enter to save row. If I press Tab in last column none of this work, it exits cell and halts (even arrows do not work). The only way to save row is mouse. I wonder if enybody have this as well?
v 5.0.0 3272
ansgar posted 7 years ago
No problem here in v5.1.0.3465 . Try Help > Check for updates ?
doinkxs posted 7 years ago
updated v5.1.0.3465.
after I hit tab on last column, it exits, Ctrl+Enter works, but still, after this arrows do not work, 'home' dont work, Ctrl+Insert dont work. Basicaly i can not move in that window.
If i press tab at this moment, I can see that current table is activated in left database/table window, so I can change table with up/down arrow.

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