Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago in General
Okay, I'm using build 1426.

I have a TEXT field in one of my tables.

I click on the "WIDEMEMO" field and enter the text, "Hello" in the text field at the bottom. I commit the new change.

I then open up a web page that shows that dynamic field.

Here's what I see: H�e�l�l�o�

Any ideas?
Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago
Hmmm... that funky stuff only seems to appear when I manually enter data via HeidiSQL.

If I query the update,
UPDATE myDatabase.myTable SET `description`="Hello" WHERE `ID`='3';

Then everything appears just fine. Are we no longer supposed to manually enter TEXT data but rather run a query instead?
Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago
Finally found out what's happening.

I reported it here:

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