Can I use periods "." in field names?

Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago in General
I hope it's okay to post this question here, as it doesn't particularly relate to HeidiSQL.

I'd like to create a field in one of my tables. Instead of using an underscore "_" to separate 2 words, like "first_name", I want to use a period, like "first.name"

Is this legal?

(no, I'm not interested in using "firstName" or "first_name", unless I absolutely have to)


Thanks in advance.
kalvaro posted 9 years ago
According to documentation the dot character is allowed in field names:


I suppose you'll have to quote it every time:

SELECT `first.name`FROM users

If it's a good idea or not, I leave it to you ;-)
Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago
Thank you, you're absolutely correct.

I found this:
Before MySQL 5.1.6, database and table names cannot contain

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