Malware embedded in HeidiSQL

fireismyflag posted 7 years ago in General
I recently tried to upgrade HeidiSQL from the About dialog, only to get my PC infected with a malware called Antimalware Doctor.

I understand the need of a free project to get support by adware, and as long as i am PROMPTED im OK with it, but MALWARE??? SERIOUSLY HEIDI??? I used to promote you with all my developer friends but no more.

Im on a crusade now. seriously.

ansgar posted 7 years ago
Be sure there is *no* malware in HeidiSQL. The only ads in the HeidiSQL universe are those you see on the head area of heidisql.com . There is no 3rd party stuff included in some installer or in a build (except for the libmysql.dll which is of course a technical requirement).

I even never heard of Antimalware Doctor yet. What made you think that HeidiSQL shipped it?
Rapid-eraser posted 7 years ago
You probably already had caught that virus and popped when the Heidi tried to replace the main executable during the update.

Any way KIS2010 never had reported anything on Heidi.


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