editing values in the datagrid with keyboard only

siMKin posted 9 years ago in General
When you're editing in the datagrid and move between the columns and rows with the arrows, the next field automatically gets a 'select-all' on the value in that field. so if you start typing, the original text is erased as soon as you type the first character.
How can i get rid of the selection without using the mouse? It's very annoying that everytime i want to 'adjust' a value i have to grab the mouse and click on the field to deselect it.
Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago
If you use your right-arrow key to move thru the fields, when you're finally at the field you want, just hit your ENTER key.
siMKin posted 9 years ago
great, that's what i was looking for :-)

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