Feature request: Export option missing

Mbird posted 7 years ago in Import/Export
I'm missing an option for export:

There are two options for "Output":

1. "One big file"
2. "Directory - one file per object..."

Between those two options I'm missing "One file per database".

Would this be possible?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
No, that's already what "Directory - one file per object in database subdirectories" is for. I think more options will just create more confusion here.
Mbird posted 7 years ago
Does it mean that nobody wants just "one file per database" as an export option?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
That's not what I said. I'm just sure there should be some overviewable set of output options.
Mbird posted 7 years ago
OK, for me it would be very overviewable to have those options:

1. "One big file"
2. "One file per database"
3. "Directory - one file per object..."

But of course it's your script.

BTW: Thanks a lot for your script. I'm using it since many years from the beginning on (MySQL-Front).
mmarsching posted 7 years ago
I'm asking myself, why there is an option to EXPORT each table in one file, but no way to IMPORT multiple files at once?

I have 6 DBs with around 200 tables - a big mess if I try to import them one by one... :(
ansgar posted 7 years ago
You can load multiple files into one file per query tab.

To be honest, I never understood the need of having an output option for one file per table - implemented as requested long time ago and now I'm scratching my head why I did that.
sh2ka posted 7 years ago
I think so too (as `anse`). Tables in database often have reletions and saving table per file is meaningless.
By the way where I can upload sql-file in this forum?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
NowheresmileYou can paste code here wrapped in a code block (blue button).
lemon_juice posted 7 years ago
Sometimes I use "one file per table" but not often. Like the OP I would prefer "one file per database" option, which would be very useful for multiple db backups. Currently I can only backup to a single file, which can be very messy, I prefer to keep databases separated.

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