Reset Auto Increment Value

macseamus posted 7 years ago in General
There used to be a way to change the auto increment value of a table by right clicking on the table and selecting Alter Table.
I see this is now in Maintenance/Table Tools in the Bulk table editor tab.

When clicking on the Checkbox for Reset Auto Increment Value, the update button does not become available. I had a quick look at the source code - forgive me please if i'm way off, I know nothing about pascal, but it seems that a call to chkBulkTableEditCheckComboClick onClick might be missing for that check box, around line 446 in tabletools.dfm

thanks! and is there a plan to include a way to set the auto increment value to something other than 0 like used to be possible?

thanks again!

macseamus posted 7 years ago
oh dear, i looked and looked but only after posting do i see that option right there - the 1st one in the table options tab. oh well.
Is the other behaviour with the update button intentional?
ansgar posted 7 years ago
The update button is of course buggy - will check that. Didn't notice that yet, thanks for the hint.
Adam Goosh posted 5 years ago
I found a way to reset the auto increment for tables in version

Right mouse click on a table > Maintenance > Bulk Table editor. You'll notice checking the 'Reset auto increment value' check box doesn't active the 'Update' button at the bottom of the box. If you check the 'Move to database' check box for example, the update button becomes active. Un-check the 'Move to database' check box again and the update button remains active for 'Reset auto increment value' and it will now allow you to reset the table auto increment.

Do this for all your tables you want to reset.

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