Forum password recovery glitch?

cswearingen posted 7 years ago in General
This morning I had to reset my password. I'm not sure if one of my Firefox plugins was causing a problem with the form submission or not but I got multiple password reset messages sent to me from single requests. Well I personally clicked the button only once. However a plugin may have caused it submit 3x each time?

After the first round (yesterday) I was able to get in and changed my password. When I went in today the password I had changed to didn't work anymore (and I had only changed it 16 hours previous so I knew what I had changed it to). Anyway I tried to recover it again and once again I got multiples of the message (5 this time).

Screenshot of the messages:
ansgar posted 7 years ago
It was not some FireFox plugin, but a minor bug in the login form. GET Parameters from the password recovery form were overtaken into the login form, so recovery was done each time you login after submitting the recovery form. Fixed now, and thanks for the hint!
tofudisan posted 7 years ago
Good to know! I received 3 more password change emails and I hadn't even triggered it. Triggered it today though and was able to get in and change my password back to what I want it to be.

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