HeidiSQL closes query tab on left click

Tribal posted 7 years ago in General
heidi closes the entire query tab (deletes its content if its the only tab) after rightclicking it and then leftclicking on it in order to hide the popup menu.

this error only occurs when you right click on the SELECTED query tab and afterwards left click on the tab for hiding the popup menu.

as one can close a query tab by double click and maybe the sequential combination of right click/left click on the selected query tab fires two single clicks i would suppose removing this double-cick-for-closing-function and only using the provided [X] button or catching this second click.

hopefully i wrote an insightful error report so you can track it, anse smile
Tribal posted 7 years ago
forgot to mention i got the latest revesion, meaning r3582 wink
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Ignoring right clicks in r3583 - should be fixed.
Tribal posted 7 years ago
well done, doesn't occur anymore smile

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