Wording bugs in "Checking for updates" dialog

gemal posted 7 years ago in General
Two small bugs in the "Checking for updates" dialog:

1) Title is "Check for HeidiSQL update ..."
That should be "Check for HeidiSQL update...". Note no space before "..."

2) If no update are found the button to exit the dialog is called "Cancel" which is wrong, since there's nothing to cancel. It should be "OK"
ansgar posted 7 years ago
I don't agree to either arguments:
1) if there would be no space after "update", that would read like "update" was abbreviated. Maybe that's just a writing rule for german text but I find that most convincing.
2) "cancel" expresses better there is really nothing done when you press that button.
gemal posted 7 years ago
1) Perhaps the most correct title would just be "Check for HeidiSQL update"

2) Cancel means that you are canceling something. I don't do that in this dialog. If I could update and the cancel it would be ok, but pressing Cancel to get out of a dialog is plain wrong.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
1) I think the three dots say "there will be some prompt with an ok/cancel button"
2) Yes, sounds reasonable.

To be honest I don't think you're completely wrong, it's just that we're discussing such minor stuff here, I tend to just leave these as they are.

That reminds me of a funny recent issue report saying that the orca whale on the HeidiSQL installer could be regarded as a "dolphin eater" (which is what orcas really do). The dolphin is MySQL's baby and so users could think that HeidiSQL eats MySQL. Well I replied: what a weird discussion here. But it ended up in the decision to replace the orca by a photo of some local birds.
gemal posted 7 years ago
1) In computer UI the "..." means that it will open a new dialog. Like: "Save Page As..." in Firefox
So having it in a title doesn't make that much sense.

I know that these are minor issues, but I still think they are valid and for a person like me, I see stuff like this. So there might be others out there like mesmileMaybe not :)

Hopefully these issues will get fixed in a new version
ansgar posted 7 years ago
1) Some good input: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2004/05/17/133181.aspx

Use an ellipsis if the command requires additional information before it can be performed. Sometimes the dialog box is the command itself, such as "About" or "Properties". Even though they display a dialog, the dialog is the result, as opposed to commands like "Print" where the dialog is collecting additional information prior to the result.

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