Connection unstable

sdifiore posted 11 years ago in Creating a connection
Something odd happening to me...surprised

I have 3 databases in my site, say mood1, mood2 and nuk wich connects well with other softwares, eg. Acqua Studio and PHPAdmin...

When I connect then with HeidiSQL, all goes right, but quicly I get the message the it lost the connection, or others, that results the same...

Funny thing... If I keep it as it is, I mean, I don't close anything, don't reconnect, nothing... I just click in another database.. Works... If I quicly go back to one of the prevoius that wasn't working, and "voila".. it does... Again, for a few intantes...

But... Bottonline ...I never have enough time to do mu work... :roll:

Does someone have any idea of what is going on???
superspace posted 11 years ago
I think a fix is coming up for it in the next release.
( http://www.heidisql.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=53 )

Don't take my work for it though, get it from the man himself :)
ansgar posted 11 years ago
Yes that part is fixed. On my provider which has set up a real short interactive-timeout does it already work well. :)

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