heidi standalone or not ?

fred posted 9 years ago in General
I was looking for a replacement software program for Lotus Approach. In an open source format. I came accross this Heidi, but i can't seem to tell if it will work as a stand alone program or not. It seems like I need to go online and log into an sql program.
Can anyone advise me on this ? if Heidi is not stand alone, does anyone know of a comparable program in open source such as Lotus Appraoch.

I am using windows Vista now..... Microsoft changed it enough so that Lotus Approach is no longer compatible. dying to get away from the microsoft garbage software too now. Please advise anyone ???/
ansgar posted 9 years ago
HeidiSQL is a client and you need a MySQL server to get it working. So, it's not a standalone application.

Lotus Approach is similar to MS Access which provides both the server and client in one application.
rosenfield posted 9 years ago
KDE Office (aka "Koffice") has a program named Kexi:

It has a designer that supports GUI creation of forms and connecting them to a database, including a SQLite one-file database.

I suspect it supports storing your data entry forms in the SQLite database itself too, giving you one file with everything in it.

The KDE team has been working on Windows support for a couple of years, I'm not sure if it's ready yet. Someone did a Windows version of Kexi at one point though, trying to sell copies for a few $$.

It seemed rough in the edges last I tried it (minor issues which usually translates to a showstopper here and there, so really it was completely unusable, but hey). YMMV, but last I checked I think you had to best be a developer if you planned to use it. Which would kind of get the project to move nowhere fast, since very few hardcore database developers actually use this kind of software.

Please post updates if you find any useful software ;-).

(The only I know of besides of Foxpro and Access is Lotus Notes, which would probably be slight overkill.)

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