A few issues-Sorts automatic can't stop!

Dartdog posted 9 years ago in General
Love Heidi! See my blog at http://tombrander.wordpress.com ! (kudos)
I accidentally hit a column heading to re-size and instead got s sort, and on a 4.9 million record db its not good! to make matters worse no way to terminate but wait until out of memory message, when everything becomes unresponsive, but even worse, It remembers the sort no matter what I do, "kill" and restart..reboot etc... the sort still gets done before I have an option to remove it, This behavior is now on two table views making Heidi pretty unusable. Help! Is jheidi a better alternative yet.

I'm getting driven to the ugly basic query browser!
rosenfield posted 9 years ago
Thanks ;-).

Problem added to the tracker as issue #714.
Dartdog posted 9 years ago
Deleted the data then clicked on a button and waited, It's still a bit of a problem
I still love the program!

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